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Trading runs in our blood. Heralding from a background in farming, ranching, cowboys and cattle, we have a natural sense of solid camaraderie and teamwork and wanted to bring that to the trading community.

Here, traders Share, Discuss and Discover the latest, hottest and most proven Futures trading products in today’s market. From our huge archive of ‘trader-shared’ products visit with other traders about their genuine experiences to help determine which product is right for you – AND which product is worth your hard-earned time and money.

Have a product you really like? Share it with the community. Have a product you’ve been considering, but not sure if it’s right for you? See what others have to say. Here you have opportunity to chat about trade rooms, indicators, platforms, apps, and more. With a database of the hottest and top futures trading products worldwide you gain access to the most knowledge.

So, sign up and get involved. Share and Connect with traders around the world and use the tools of collective knowledge to improve your skills. Source valuable information and at the same time have a little fun.

We are dedicated. Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide a platform where traders can Share their favorite products, Discuss trading products of interest before they buy, and Discover the latest, hottest and most proven products used and shared by traders alike.

We bring you together with other like-minded traders to create a community that inspires trust and solid communication; to help you grow, improve and connect; to strengthen networks so you can achieve your mission to becoming a better, more successful trader and best of all – no longer waste your hard earned money before you buy.

Because We Are Dedicated. Our Culture:

Our culture is centered around honesty, camaraderie and respect. We want you to feel comfortable in this community, therefore we work to provide and foster a trustworthy, positive and helpful environment, to help one another in a constructive and honest fashion. We are committed to building a robust trading community known for its integrity, respect and upbeat sense of camaraderie.

To honor this commitment, we’ve put together some helpful guidelines on what’s cool and what’s not when interacting in the Hub.

Users must offer:

  • Full honesty
  • Full integrity
  • Genuine advice
  • Constructive criticism

Please no…

  • Emotional tirades or rants
  • Emotionally rude or purposely harmful comments
  • Abusive language
  • Defamatory or libelous comments

Here’s a little example of what’s not cool in our Hub:

"John Doe Trading Room/Product sucks – he’s only out to hurt others and take advantage of the public!"

A comment like this may be removed, as there is no factual information and it’s heavy on the emotion.

However, we do understand you may be upset about something and wish to express your experience to other traders; after all, we encourage communication! But please do it in an impartial, factual, respectful and friendly manner, such as:

"I traded with this company – John Doe Trading – and this was my experience. In the 2 day trial I experienced four losing trades per day. Within those losing trades the stop loss was 48 ticks per contract. This is not the trade room for me as my account size was not compatible for the amount of risk taken per trade."

Please keep in mind that what may not work for you, may work for another trader – in consideration of trading we must take into account personality, personal style, account size, risk tolerance and more – so factual statements are the most beneficial in helping one another find what’s specifically right for him or her.

We appreciate the time you’re spending with the community and hope you benefit greatly!

The Natural Trading Team