How Natural Trading Works

Becoming a Natural Trading hub member allows you to search products and join in on the discussion.

How to Sign Up and Become a Member:

  • Click the "Sign up for your free account" button found in the right sidebar, or if you're on mobile, you can find the button below the page.
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Once you are an official member, you may Share Products with our Community, meet other traders, get involved in the discussion, upvote, comment, get notified of VALUABLE upcoming trader products and events…and more!

How to Share a Product

Hub members please click the "Share Product" button in upper right corner of website to share a product. Once you click on that link, it will walk you thru the process. It’s quick and easy!

**Please no duplicate content if you can help it!

How to Get Notified

As a member of the hub, you can activate new posts notifications in your "Edit Account" page.

Oh! And, As you Create Your Profile...

Just as an FYI, your "Display Name" will be seen by the community. However, your email will NEVER be viewed by community nor will it be distributed or sold to a third party.