Letting Losing Trades Run

“Letting losses run is the most serious mistake made by most investors.” – William O’Neil

10 months ago

Why Every Trader Needs a BFF (Barometer Friend Forever)

Hello all you hard-right-edge traders, we’d like to introduce you to your new best friend! The Barometer system add-on from Golden Zone Trading will look after you like no other,…

10 months ago

Trading and the FOMO Phenomenon

Ever get that feeling of mild to strong anxiety that you’ve missed out on something awesome? Like, for example, your friends all going on a fantastic vacation, but you can’t…

10 months ago

What is a Futures Contract? A Simple Definition

Both futures and forward contracts are financial tools that allow traders to offset or take on the risk of a price change of an asset over a given amount of…

10 months ago

Do You Have Any of These Habits?

Avoid These 5 Things That Guarantee a Miserable Life, According to Warren Buffet's Partner Billionaire Charlie Munger, the vice chairman of investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, has long been regarded as…

Contract Trading Codes: A Simple Guide

To identify a futures product, contract display codes are used. Contract display codes are typically one- to three-letter codes, followed by additional characters indicating month and year of expiration. The…

10 months ago

What is a Market Trend and How to Read Them

“The trend is your friend until the end when it bends” is a very well-known saying in the world of futures trading and regardless of the type of chart you…

Trading Futures is like a College Education

Trading Futures is like getting a college education. If you are in hopes of earning a professional level income, keep in mind it takes a good deal of time and…

10 months ago

Why Trading Literally Messes With Your Mind

Humans like security. Simple. We love (and need) to know where our next meal’s coming from, that we have a safe roof over our head, and that we have loved…

10 months ago

Leeloo Loft: Who we are

Leeloo Loft. Thinking bigger and better for YOU the trader Find out more by visiting https://leelootrading.com/leeloo-loft/