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Connection Guide

Please use the username and password you created when you signed up with Rithmic. Also, if you don't see Rithmic's TOS, make sure to go to and agree to their terms of service.

Please use the link below for instructions on how to connect to Rithmic. Your Ninja Trader license key will work to connect. If you are unable to connect, please reply back with any error messages received. You can connect using the Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage connection.

Connecting – Additionally Explained

RITHMIC REQUIREMENT: Before connecting Ninja Trader to the Rithmic platform, please ensure that all market data forms in R|Trader are completed.

You must first download Rithmic R | TRADER as well as Ninja Trader (if you use the Ninja Trader Platform to execute trades).

  1. Use this link to download and install R|Trader Software:

  2. Once installed, a new window will come up, enter your Rithmic account username and password in the correct fields

  3. "Username" (USER ID – the one you created when you applied for the trial)

  4. "Password" (the one you created when you applied for the trial- case sensitive)

  5. “System” dropdown menu, select 'Rithmic Paper Trading'

  6. 'Gateway' dropdown menu, If you are in the USA then select CHICAGO, if you are in Europe then select EUROPE or FRANKFURT, and if you are in Asia you will want to select TOKYO or SINGAPORE

  7. When you connect, you have 2 CME GROUP Documents that you need to agree to.

  8. Document 1: Click "I Agree" in the first one

  9. Document 2: select “Non-Professional” then "Submit"

If you do not currently have Ninja Trader, you can download it here: