Why Every Trader Needs a BFF (Barometer Friend Forever)

Hello all you hard-right-edge traders, we’d like to introduce you to your new best friend! The Barometer system add-on from Golden Zone Trading will look after you like no other, and will offer you the best advice when predicting the upcoming price action and data you’ll need in order to navigate the market successfully.

Your new friend, the Golden Zone Trading Barometer(www.goldenzonetrading/shop), will guide you through the rough seas of trading and will forecast the next bars range, bars volume and bars speed before they happen. It will also forecast the small, medium and large timeframe directional sentiments so you don’t have to!

The Barometer also uses volume, range and volatility for any strategy, timeframe or trader, and implements a multiple time-frame confluence for every system and risk tolerance. Available for both NT7 and NT8, you’ll also receive Volume Arbitrage, the hidden gem for all strategies.

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