Multi-MACD Trader - Ninjacators

detects directional changes of the momentum

The Multi-MACD Trader detects directional changes of the momentum in the market on basis of the multi moving average convergence/divergence.

When the momentum of a move slows down and starts turning, this indicator will plot this information directly on the chart.

Beside the multiple MACD basic setting options, like different moving average calculation, this indicator uses a propriety high- low Limit function which is the “core piece” of the momentum change detection.

Not only MACD Traders will love this easy to handle and powerful tool….

NinjaScript ready! All values and signals get exposed for automatic trading strategy integration.

2 years ago

I have to admit, I was skeptical that cheaper products would be up to standard, but after trying 2 free indicators over 2 months, I was impressed at the quality so I ended up buying 2. Good value for money.